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  • Back in 2010, the now infamous US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning provided classified intelligence to Julian Assange. The intelligence detailed information about the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It also revealed how the US military was responsible for killing two unarmed Reuters journalists.

    Julian Assange didn’t sit on the information. Instead, he published the information freely for everyone to see on the world wide web.

    Clearly, the leak wasn’t a good look for the U.S. The government was quickly able to locate and arrest the leaker, but Assange continued to post new, relevant leaks that exposed the US military for their behavior. Over the years, the Wikileaks website continued to garner international attention for posting leak after leak about various ongoings around the globe.

    The original intelligence leaker Chelsea Manning eventually was sentenced to serve 35 years in prison, but Assange was granted political asylum in London. Manning’s sentence was later commuted by President Obama, but the US government has never stopped attempting to come after Assange. Assange has also never stopped attempting to expose US corruption. He’s posted information about the DNC email hack of 2018, documents from Russia surveillance contractors, and more.

    After intense pressure from the US government, the Ecuadorean government decided to revoke protection for Assange back in 2019, which ultimately allowed him to face pending charges.

    After a long-fought legal battle, Assange is now potentially getting extradited to the US to face criminal charges. Assange currently has 14 days to appeal the decision. Otherwise, the US will finally get to sentence Assange to jail time for his past actions.

    Are You Facing International Charges? Could You Get Extradited?

    Since Assange began to publish classified US information, he’s been on the radar of the US government. He’s been wanted for years, and Assange has used every potential legal avenue to avoid getting extradited to the states. Even now in this seemingly dark hour, the Wikileaks founder still has legal options to consider. Most significantly, Assange still has a period of two weeks to challenge the court’s decision to approve the extradition to the US.

    As it stands, the UK courts found that it would not be unjust to extradite Assange, who currently faces a host of charges in the US. UK courts further found that Assange would get treated fairly and appropriately. The official Wikileaks Twitter account has already confirmed that an appeal is imminent. Assange’s current battle could eventually wind up in the U.K. Supreme Court.

    If the appeal is refused, however, Assange must get extradited within 28 days.

    Hire an International Criminal Lawyer to Help

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