Why Hiring an International Family Lawyer?

At Bukh Global Partners, we offer the services of expert counsels and attorneys to deal with all issues that may arise from families splitting across international borders. We can give you information regarding many aspects. Some of the information and services we provide are as follows:

  • Handling International Parental Child Abduction – This involves understanding the charges of Child Abduction overseas. If such an incident has occurred, you need to know how to handle it and get your child back.
  • Understanding International Parental Access/ Custodial Rights – Understanding what rights the other parent has, if you have the custody. Our attorneys can help you decide what visitation rights should be offered to the overseas parent, including holidays and trips.
  • Returning your child back home – Information regarding how to get your child back.
  • International child protection – What you should know regarding corporal punishment, rights of children, their best interests, education and anything regarding parental responsibility.
  • International family law contacts  – Contact details you may need for various government agencies and protection services.

Apart from these services, we also can help and facilitate you in many other ways. We understand how difficult it is for a parent who has split overseas, to be unable to see his/her child. You can rest assured that only the most experienced attorneys who have expertise in International Family Law are appointed to save you from this trouble.

Effect of International Family Law on Children

Relationships end for a number of reasons. But whatever be the reason, it can be really hard on both the partners. Especially where children are involved, the families that separate have a very rough time with custody battles, parental responsibilities and being able to have a normal bond with their children. For families that have split across international lines, apart from these hassles, there are a number of other unique challenges which they have to face.

Disputes among families that split across international borders may cause various significant effects on children. We at Bukh Global Partners want to save you and your children from the grief and trouble arising from international family disputes. Our lawyers clearly understand the International Family Law and will advise you on what steps you can take to protect yourselves and your children.

Our Aim

Bukh Global Partners aim to protect both parents and children locked in international family battles. With our strong knowledge of international family law and its repercussions, we are your best bet to get what you deserve. We help the courts determine why you are the appropriate choice in a custody battle, and what protective measures are needed for the child. Specific areas that we cover are changes to parental responsibility custody rights, visitation and guardianship, placement in foster homes and rights of access to the child.

So, it’s time to stop feeling helpless. We give you the hope to give your children the happy home they deserve. If you feel that you need help regarding any matter concerning your own children, grandchildren, nephews or nieces who are in trouble, consult with us and let us get the matter resolved quickly.

We promise to deliver within the shortest span of time!

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