The Concept of International Criminal Law

International criminal law is a sub category of public international laws that covers the responsibility of an individual charged with international (i.e., cross jurisdictional) crimes. According to experts, there is actually no universally accepted meaning of what international crimes are. Therefore, different countries may define international crimes in accordance with their own country laws. These crimes may be based on unacceptable or unlawful behavior from one country or territory to another. It may also be based on treaties between countries, states or territories. It is strongly advised to consult with an international criminal lawyer before taking on the next step.

Crimes Covered by the International Criminal Law

Crimes that are covered by the international criminal law span a wide range of criminal justice systems all over the world. These crimes can more appropriately be called “core crimes”. This includes war crimes, genocide, and aggression. Crimes against humanity, children and women may also be considered as international crimes depending on the nature of crime. Extradition cases are also considered to be governed by International law. High-profile financial crimes that involve multinational transactions fall into definition of an international crime. International prevalence of crimes against humanity and the focus on human rights laws are the two major aspects covered by the international criminal law.

International Crimes and Punishment in the United States

In the United States of America, all the matters related to international crimes are handled by the US Department of Justice. An example of international crime that is prevalent in the country is International Child Abduction. International Child Abduction is defined as the wrongful removal of a child from the United States. It may also apply to the wrongful retention of a child from the United States in another country usually done by any of the parents or a family member of the child.

The abduction and removal of the child from the country usually stems from a pending order of parental custody. The parent or the family member of the child usually abducts the child and takes the child out of the country. It may be done in an effort to escape a scheduled custody hearing or the result of a hearing. International Child Abduction in such cases could be very difficult to resolve. This is due to the fact that not all countries support laws of the United States. Are you into a similar kind of situation? You would have peace of mind if you could hire the services of Bukh Global Partners.

Resolution of this international crime is done through a careful consideration of state, federal and international laws. The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act together with the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act are the two US laws that cover crimes regarding child abductions. It also handles the wrongful removal of a child from one state to another and across international boundaries. However these laws have no effect when a child is taken in a country that does not recognize the court orders created under US laws.

Bukh Global Partners: International Criminal Attorneys

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