International Estate Lawyers: Planning for the Inevitable 

We all need to be realistic. In the event of our deaths, what will happen to our families, our businesses or our properties? For anyone that has multiple properties within the country and abroad as well as multiple recipients, there is a need for comprehensive planning on how their estates should be disseminated in the event of the death. This is what legal experts call international estate planning and this may only be done by an experienced legal service.

Bukh Global Partners understand how hard it is to discharge a last will and testament especially when you have more than one child, a second family, multiple international properties and international rules to worry about. When you have all these in mind, there is only one thing that you need to consider and that is to seek professional legal help right away.

We have seen the worst

A terrible feud arises among families when poor estate planning is done by the owner of the will or testament. Families fight amongst themselves as to whoever gets the best share. Families drift apart and resort to costly and time consuming legal battles just to claim what they think is rightfully theirs. Not to mention how your international properties will be discharged abroad. There are domestic US laws that are not recognized in other countries therefore what you have indicated in your will may not apply at all somewhere else.

But things do not have to be this way; getting help as early as now will help you with the following potential problems of international properties:

Worrisome Tax Payments

Tax payments differ from one country to another and this is one of the most common problems that property owners overlook when it comes to international properties. Tax payments should never be taken for granted since these will surely result to penalties and even troubles with deed transfers in the future.

Second family woes

If you have a second family or illegitimate children then you should consider professional help right away. In estate planning, your illegitimate children also enjoy rights to your property. Oftentimes the second family is shunned from all representations in a will and therefore you should consider these when you seek help with international estate planning.

Very young family

If your kids are quite young you may also need to plan your estate carefully. This is to consider that your young children may need to have trustees assigned to them that will take care of your property until your children are grown up. An experienced law firm like Bukh Global Partners will help you with planning for the worst and also for the obvious. We will also help you use a feasible plan in case you may need to change your will and testament at any time.

Contact Bukh Global Partners today and let us help you get the right answers to all your questions about international estate planning and in creating your international will and testaments as well. We get you what you need so let us get started today!


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