Extradition to the United States: What You Need To Know?

Crime never pays, that’s what we’ve heard. Even if the criminal runs off to a different nation, with the idea that crossing state lines will help protect him or her, they’re dead wrong. Extradition treaties all over the world make sure that people responsible for their crimes are sent back to accept responsibility for what they’ve done.

However, sometimes you may be the innocent party that has been framed in a charge that you had no idea about.

The mind, with its fight or flight response may convince you that crossing state lines or even international borders may help protect you. Unfortunately, that is untrue. The United States of America has extradition treaties with many countries, which is a formal process in which a fugitive, having escaped from one state but caught in another is sent back for trial and persecution. Not to mention the whole Houdini escape act makes you look incredibly guilty!

The Actual Concept of Extradition

The lawyers and attorneys at Bukh Global are well versed in international and interstate extradition as well as mutual legal assistance law. Therefore, our expertise isn’t just limited to cases of national extradition, but we have also assisted in cases relating to overseas extradition and mutual assistance.

Our team of selected experts can help you understand the reasons behind extradition and how you can help yourself, without much damage to yourself or your loved ones. Extradition is the law regarding capture and surrendering of a fugitive that has run from one state or country to another for the purpose of hiding from the authorities.

In the country, Interstate Extradition is handled by the police, executives of the state or district and any other related authority. For foreign countries, extradition is handled between the Federal Government of USA and the government of the concerned country.

Understanding Mutual Assistance

Mutual assistance is basically a treaty or an agreement between two countries for the purpose of collecting and sharing information regarding any matter concerning international criminal law or public law.

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This assistance may be in the form of examination and identification of people, places, and things, and providing assistance with any concept relating to criminal activity in that country. Apart from criminal reasons, countries may form mutual assistance treaties with other countries in things like tax matters, particularly as part of the international double taxation agreements in which both parties agree to deliver certain information for tax purposes.

Mutual assistance may be accepted or denied by either country for reasons concerning their political stability or security, or if the criminal event in question is not of equal punishment in either country.

There is not always a strict need for a mutual assistance agreement. There are many countries that provide a wide range of mutual legal assistance to many other countries even if the treaty is absent.

However, in the case of some developing countries, domestic laws create obstacles that make mutual assistance and even law enforcement duties ineffective. At Bukh Global, we fulfill our duty to help people overseas and within national borders with issues regarding international and local crime.

If you think you may need assistance in anything related to extradition law or mutual assistance policies, contact us and we will guide you in the best possible manner.

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