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Mediation services If you are thinking of calling it quits with your spouse but you are uncertain if this is the right path to take, then you should step back and take a good look. There are numerous consequences of divorce and having children, properties, businesses and investments could complicate things.

Your happy ending as a single man or woman may not yet be too happy once you learn about the possible financial consequences of your actions.

If you are not familiar with the financial provisions of divorce then you may need an expert to help you out.

The Financial Provisions: Splitting Marital Assets

Settling a divorce includes the stressful part of understanding its possible financial consequences. But it should not be stressful and should not impact the couple more especially when there are children involved. To reduce all these aggravations, the best first step is to consult an expert.

Bukh Global is here to help you with all the matters concerning financial provisions of divorce. We specialize in helping couples get through the strenuous process of separation of their properties and settling all financial obligations to benefit their children, business and investments.

In the US, where it is estimated that one in every five women fall into poverty as a result of divorce, it is important that couples get the right education on what they need to do and to settle to be able to reduce these consequences.

Financial Provisions of Divorce for Children and Women

At Bukh Global we stress on the financial provisions that can benefit children and women. We strive to help women seek the best alternative to settle their partner’s financial obligations to their children. It is estimated that in about five out of six marriages that end in a divorce, children live with their mothers. This is why the financial provisions of divorce may be the same for women and children and this is what we continually uphold in cases that deal with this matter.

Do you know that according to a new research, one in every three women lose their homes as a result of divorce? A rather disturbing count is that three out of four women that have custody of their child or children do not receive full payment of child support?

These cases summarize what financial provisions on divorce for women and children fail to address. These are also the reasons why we strive to do our best in every divorce case that we handle.

Financial Provisions of Divorce on Men

The notion that men are financially well-off after a divorce is nothing but a myth. Men actually suffer from the effects of divorce considering that they now have to pay for separate homes, have to shop for their own meals, pay for their own cars and so on. If the man has children, he has to share the custody and that also brings about more expenses.

Research also shows that men need to have an increase of at least 30% in their personal income just to be able to maintain child support. And this is one of the many reasons why men evade child support which of course results in massive consequences to the woman and the child or children that he has left behind.

Bukh Global believe that education will improve the way men respond to the financial provisions of divorce. Education will also help them improve their way of living so that they will be able to find the best solution to provide for themselves and their children.

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Property Disputes in the US Can Lengthen Divorce

Though you may have purchased property or assets with your ex-spouse, that does not always mean that you will be entitled to keep that property or the assets you gained jointly after the marriage ends. In the US, there are 2 types of divorce: an uncontested divorce, where you and your ex-spouse will be able to divide your property up as you please without the intervention of the courts needed, and a contested divorce, where you may have to worry about losing your property to this type of dispute.

While it can be difficult to determine who will get what in a contested divorce, different states will treat this issue differently. Some states (California, Texas, and Washington, for example) consider almost anything purchased after marriage to be “community property” as long as it is shared, which should be divided equally between the two former spouses. Others will not take into consideration personal and community property–instead, all belongings will be divided equitably.

“Equitably” can have a very broad definition, so it’s best to hire a lawyer who will fight for you to keep what is rightfully yours. At Bukh Global, we are experts in US divorce and will help you along every step of the way.

The Role We can Play

If you are yet to have a divorce and are just exploring the possible impacts of divorce on your financial situation, then we urge you to call us today. Every divorce case is unique as much as every family is unique, and therefore exploring the best situation to help a marriage work out or end in separation is also different. We can help you estimate what would happen and what you need to expect should your marriage end in a divorce. We provide you the best possible representation and the best estimate of your situation according to your provided data or information.

And if you’re already divorced and looking for ways to deal with problems of international child support or financial support from your partner, then we will also be able to help you out. We provide you with options and solutions that you will be comfortable with.

Contact us today and let us help you get things right!

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