Stuck with the Issue of Child Relocation?

The child relocation procedure is quite a complex process in the United States and internationally for parents who wish to move to a different country or state. Child relocation in the United States is the jurisdiction of the State and even moving within the states often requires court permission. Within the United States, every state has its own presumptions about the effects of relocation of a child. It must be kept in mind however that most of the states of USA discourage child relocation if it is not in the interest of the child. However there are different factors that a court considers in the custodial parent’s relocation.

Different Aspects to be Considered by the Court

  • You have to explain the reasons to the court for which you are shifting, including economic, remarriage, health or family matters.
  • Effects of such relocation on the mind of the child will be considered by the court
  • Can your visitation be revised to a different date and time?
  • Involvement of a single parent in child’s life.
  • Travel arrangements required for relocation of a child.
  • A court may ensure proposed living conditions of a child including medical facilities, educational requirement and recreational facilities at the new place.
  • How the change in custody will have a psychological impact on the mind of a child.

Considerations Regarding Welfare of the Child

Whenever a case is presented in the court, it is evaluated for any possible violations. A court may consider a child’s attachment with any of his/her parents. However, if a child is intelligent enough, then the court may ask about the child’s wish to stay either with the mother or the father. It also considers the ability to meet all financial expenditures of the child. The court may ensure that consent of both of the parents is provided to relocate a child by any one of the parents. The relocation must not hinder the time sharing with the child by any of his/her parents.

Resolution of the Case 

If you are currently involved in relocating, then you must know that time taken by the court to give the decision will differ from case to case. The Law varies from state to state and resolution of the matter also depends on the nature of the case. Resolution of the cases also depends on your selection of the appropriate lawyer or attorney as well. Bukh Global Partners have a vast experience of dealing with such cases in different states of the country. Our experienced lawyers will do their best to get the decision delivered in your favor. It is a good practice for the separated parents reach an out of court agreement to avoid complicated court procedures in future. It is advised that you retain the services of a professional lawyer who will handle and submit all the paperwork related to relocation of the child.

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