Cross Border Enforcement

The United States is bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. Border enforcement is in place to protect citizens of the US against illegal entries. Cross-border enforcement also ensures that convicted criminals and people running away from US laws do not gain entry to US border countries.

How Enforcement is Done 

Because of state of the art communications and the web, border enforcement has become more efficient. The moment a person is convicted of a crime or an arrest is served, information about the person is sent through the web. Information includes the subject’s mug shots, his/her conviction, name and known aliases and other useful information for their prior arrests. All border enforcement authorities are alerted and security is increased.

The Connection of Cross Border Enforcement with International Family Laws 

The most common concerns in the enforcement of international family laws are the international child abduction and international custody. These two stem from parents taking their children from their natural environment or home state to escape the result of custody that may not be in their favor. Children are the silent victims of these crimes and the only way that they could be saved is to act fast.

With the help of the most experienced lawyers at Bukh Global, cross-border enforcement authorities may help find violators of international family laws and make them answerable for their crimes. Helping families that are victims of international crimes is what Bukh Global Partners is an expert at. International crimes that affect the family are abduction of children, human rights violation of children and violation of human rights of women. All these may be efficiently resolved by hiring a professional attorney.

What if criminals escape the US border?

US laws are supported by bordering countries and hence authorities in these countries are aware of what they should observe to protect the rights and the safety of the child. Close collaboration with US authorities is ensured while international family laws are maintained. Don’t fret if you are afraid to accuse the violation of Cross Border Enforcement Laws. Just get in touch with Bukh Global Partners and we will guarantee a fast response is done in the shortest possible time.

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