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International criminal law is a portion of international laws that includes the responsibility of an individual when charged with international crimes. There is no codified set of “international crimes,” as different countries define international crime through their filter of their own nation’s laws. The laws may be based on tradition of what is, or is not, acceptable in the country being discussed. The laws may also be based on international treaties. Because of the complexity and layering of laws, it is always wise to talk with an attorney experienced in international criminal law.

Crimes Covered by International Criminal Law

Crimes that are generally recognized as such by a majority of nations are called “core crimes.” Core crimes include war crimes, genocide and unilateral aggression. Crimes against humanity often are also considered international crimes. Extraditions, normally established by treaty, are governed by international law. High-profile financial and cyber crimes which cross international boundaries are international crimes as well.

International Crime and Punishment in the U.S.

An American government agency, The Department of Justice, handles all matters related to international crimes in the country. With a budget of $25 billion and comprised of 40 organizations, the DOJ is the world’s largest law office and the central agency for enforcement of international laws affecting the U.S.

Bukh Global Partners: Specializing in International Crime

Many of the matters related to international criminal law are complicated and difficult to understand and navigate. When faced with an accusation related to international crime, it is not a good time to realize you made the wrong choice in picking a criminal lawyer. The attorneys at Bukh Global Partners have represented hundreds of individuals charged with crimes ranging from violations of human rights, money laundering, international child abduction, cyber crime and other illegal activities.

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Practicing international law

Our International Family Law clients are linked with the most appropriate lawyer every time. We make sure to pair the client’s specific needs and circumstances with one of our specialists in International Family Law. Having the right attorney saves you time and money.

The international presence of BGP makes sure you have unparalleled access to expert advice in over 100 countries.

International Family Law issues need to be resolved quickly, sensibly and effectively. Financial and emotional challenges must be identified and managed to get the best possible resolution. International factors may complicate matters making expert guidance even more essential.

BGP specializes in divorce, child custody, abduction, maintenance and enforcement actions and can protect you against violence and asset stripping.

You can rest easy with the assurance that only an experienced attorney will be appointed to help you win your case.

BGP is a respected firm known globally for providing premiere legal defense to international clients. We have served hundreds of clients from many nations and our team of highly skilled attorneys can guide you through each step from the initial consultation through the conclusion of your case.

More about International Family Law

Practicing international law

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