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It’s never an easy decision to uproot your entire life from one place to another, especially if you are planning to move to a whole new country with a new language and culture to get used to. Instead of spending all your time and energy on the minutiae of planning out your citizenship in a new country, allow us to help you with the details so you can get on with living out your dreams.

Planning out your residence in another country doesn’t have to be a pain when you hire an experienced firm like Bukh Global.

Bukh Global specializes in residence and citizenship planning. We understand how difficult it is to adjust to a new environment, but having legal issues stacked on top of you will make things ever harder. Our attorneys have a vast amount of experience in helping clients to move to a new country in a safe and legal manner, and we can help you and your family as well.

Citizenship Planning Leads to Financial Returns

There are many reasons why someone may choose to move to a new country, but the most pressing concerns are typically economic ones. Investors and wealthy global citizens are choosing to become part of the countries that will give them the biggest return on their money without needing to pay a ton in taxes, and secondary citizenship or residency can be the answer.

Those who are in search of a better life and a higher-paying career path might also choose to move to a country with more economic opportunities for their families. Moving to a new country is hard by itself, but moving your business to a new country can come along with many legal hassles.

Because our world is becoming more and more interconnected, both electronically and physically, the global supply and demand of visas is always fluctuating. Even if you manage to get a visa with ease, it may not be easy to comply with all of the regulations and rules that come along with settling in a new country, especially if you plan to remain there long-term.

For instance, obtaining a typical residency visa in the United States is an incredibly complex process and may take upwards of many months, with lots of legal hoops to jump through. This is not to mention applying for citizenship, which comes with its own set of problems to figure out–in the US, you must be a resident for at least 5 years to qualify for citizenship, which can be a burden for those who are always on the move.

An alternative to this long and involved process is obtaining economic citizenship, also termed citizenship by investment. There are a few different ways to invest into a country in order to gain access to visas, residency, or citizenship, but economic citizenship typically offers the greatest benefits.

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Investor Visas and Residency: An Option for Those Who Want a Second Passport

If you’re not looking to settle down permanently in a new country, an investor visa or residency may be a viable option for those who want to cut down on their tax burdens without renouncing citizenship in their home countries.

In the United States, for instance, those who want to contribute to the economy by investing can apply for an EB5 visa, which is awarded to those who represent a substantial investment into the US economy. Although this visa comes with tight restrictions, requiring six months of residency in the US each year, it could be an alternative to those who are not quite ready to become a citizen of an entirely new country.

One success story of investor visas are the Golden Visas offered by Portugal, which have become the gold standard when it comes to residency by investment. After implementing the Golden Visa program in 2012, real estate prices have skyrocketed and Portugal’s weighed-down economy has seen a spike as thousands of these investor visas have been handed out.

Other countries will differ in the benefits and drawbacks of these investor visas, but the principle generally stays the same: becoming a resident of another country can have big financial payoffs for your business, such as helping to relieve your tax burden as well as helping you to find cheaper manufacturing and processing operations.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of this financial opportunity–Bukh Global can help guide you towards a more profitable future for you and your family.

Invest in Your Future With Bukh Global Citizenship Planning

Whatever your reasons are for deciding to move to a new nation, there’s no reason to go into this process blindly and without anyone to assist you. You should not choose the first law office you come across, as who knows what type of advice you may receive?

Bukh Global specializes in residency and citizenship planning, and we can help you to choose which citizenship will be right for you and your finances. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to give us a call.

It is our pleasure and honor to be the ones to help you find a new home for your family and for your money, so schedule your consultation today.

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