Striving hard to settle in a new country?

You’ve made the hard decision of uprooting your life in one country and chosen to move to a new one. That takes a lot of courage. It’s hard to move into a new country after burning all bridges. There’s so much you don’t know about your new country. Where all the good food spots and shopping centers are? Where the doctor is? But most importantly, where you’re going to buy a house, and how you’ll become a citizen?

Bukh Global is proud to claim that we can assist you in these important aspects of settling into your new home. Our panel of experienced estate lawyers as well as our skilled attorneys that handle visas and citizenship issues can make the process easier for you. We’ve helped many families in the past, in residence and citizenship planning and we look forward to working with you.

The Important Details

Settling into a foreign environment is always a tricky process. You’re unsure of the people at first, and don’t know who to trust. You are lucky enough as you can trust us completely. At Bukh Global Partners, we help you from the very first step, which is Residence Planning. Our lawyers and developers help you decide what kind of house you’re looking for, keeping in mind your family, and what location would best suit you. The first step to settling into a country is to settle into your own home or apartment.

Next, our lawyers that handle citizenship matters will consult with you and explain to you how the process of becoming a citizen is, in the country you’ve moved to. With our international outreach, Bukh Global can assist you to settle in any country. Citizenship will be granted to you after a certain prescribed time that can be 5 years, in USA. We can help you work your way towards your goals.

Accredited Partners

Bukh Global is an authorized representative of citizenship by investment unit in Cyprus.

Start of the New Program

We are happy to announce the pilot of the brand new citizenship program in Serbia!

Be a Part of Our Community

Bukh Global Partners welcomes you to any of its offices in the country you’ve moved to, or you can call us to set up a meeting or get an online assistance. Don’t worry! Settling in your new country isn’t as scary as it looks right now. We look forward to helping you become a happy part of our community!

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