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The constantly changing tactics to smuggle illegal drugs and the ever-renewing policies to counter the tactics creates a consistently changing landscape in the War on Drugs.

Innocent people are caught in this changing landscape everyday. The ongoing battle has grown into a crisis where governments continue to search for solutions that frequently end with the incarceration of innocent individuals.

Having a drug related charge against you can be terrifying. Whether you are accused of possessing more than the prescribed amount of drugs or any controlled substance or you have been charged with trafficking of drugs across borders, the legal hassles that you are going to go through can be mortifying.

As one of the leading international criminal defense attorneys, we are there to help you come clean out of the charges that have been leveled against you so that you can lead a peaceful life. Your freedom and peace of mind means as much to us as it means to you. We know the feeling of being free to live a peaceful life with your loved ones and therefore we strive hard to protect your freedom from getting trampled.

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Our global team of skilled and dedicated lawyers is ready to assist with your case. We are with you right from the start and stay with you until the end. Bukh Global Partners is known for the support offered to clients.

Excellent representation from experienced drug trafficking attorneys 

Being charged with a drug related offense can carry severe punishment if convicted. The best option is to stay within the law and not be convicted. However, through negligence or design, laws can be breached and you may find yourself in a situation beyond your control.

If your bail has not been set, we can work with you to see that the judge takes everything into consideration as we give the judge every possible reason to grant bail.


Get busted with just one marijuana plant on your way into America and you’re looking at up to five years in prison, for the first offense. A second offense will land you in prison for up to ten years.  10 kg, or less, of hashish, will get you the same sentence.

Want to try your hand at cocaine? Bringing in between 500 and 5000 grams will allow you to be a guest of a federal prison for no less than 5 years. Don’t worry, the longest sentence currently possible is 40 years.

And those are just the American laws. Get busted trafficking in other countries and you might be lucky if you ever see the light of day again.

Public attitudes towards drug use are changing. Until they are completely refashioned though, penalties for drug trafficking will continue to be strict and harsh.

Regardless of how you got into the situation, Bukh Global Partners can assist. With a working knowledge of the latest changes in policy and law, BGP has a global defense team ready to serve you.

There have been many stories told of people being falsely accused of drug related crimes either for having been in the wrong place at the wrong time or they failed to get sufficient and adequate representation. Bukh Global Partners is ready to provide a sound, reasonable defense.

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