Creating a Will

If you have international properties that you wish to give to a recipient in the event of your death, then you need an international will and testament. A lot of things need to be considered as you create your last will especially when you have one or multiple properties abroad and you have more than one recipient when you die.

You must have heard a lot of cases wherein families fight for their rights as the owner of a property left by a deceased family member or relative. International properties could be very hard to disseminate to any recipient especially when there are local rules in creating last wills and testaments that may not recognize US laws. You may have also seen families drifting apart as a result of failure to fully discharge the contents of the will of a deceased. Of course you do not want this to happen to yourself and your family as well as result in a feud that could have been settled if only you sought professional help earlier.

Bukh Global Could Help 

Bukh Global Partners specializes in providing solutions to clients seeking international will help. We recognize your need to create a comprehensive and well-written last will that will apply to your international properties as well as how these will be disseminated to your relatives, family and other recipients.

Here at Bukh Global, we gather all the facts and help you create the most efficient solution to creating an international will and testament that will place your mind at ease. We also believe that everything starts with educating our clients.

Here are the possible scenarios that you should avoid and hence you should seek legal help right away:

Worries Regarding International Business Properties 

You should have your international will and testament ready, should anything happen to you which could directly affect your international business. Your staff should be able to carry on and report to your recipient or to a trustee in case the recipient is unable to affirm his position in the company yet. There is no need to disrupt operations even in your untimely departure. This may be cruel but you certainly wouldn’t want anything otherwise.

Residential Properties Problems

International residential properties could be a headache especially if this is being leased or there are people occupying your property illegally. Local laws in the country where your property is at, will apply to how the occupants will be removed and how local taxes will be applied to be able to transfer this to your recipient’s name.

International Taxes and Penalties 

Bukh Global will also help you in your concerns about taxes and other potential penalties that may be incurred as the international property is transferred to your recipient’s name. For any international will and testament troubles there is a solution.

Contact us today and let us help you get started on a well-written, well-formulated and comprehensive international will and testament for you and your recipients.

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