Being Forced Into a Marriage Overseas?

Mediation services Forced marriages are appalling and indefensible practices where one or both individuals who do not or cannot consent to get married, are forced to do it anyway. Often pressure and violence is used in these situations. We at Bukh Global understand the pain and helplessness of people who suffer in case of forced marriages.

Forced marriages are accepted as a form of violence, and therefore are a crime punishable by International Law.

Not only is the marriage a violation in itself, but the methods used such as physical, verbal and psychological violence, threats and fear are forms of violence as well. Financial abuse is also a factor in forced marriages.

Understanding the Difference between Arranged & Forced Marriages

Before we move on, you need to understand that arranged and forced marriages are different. In some minds, there is confusion between them. An arranged marriage is where the bride and groom are asked if they want to get married and then the marriage takes place. Both spouses consent to the marriage.

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In a forced marriage, however, two people who do not consent to a marriage are forced to get married through pressure by their own relatives and families.

A forced marriage is a violation of fundamental Human Rights as well as of personal choice. It cannot be defended using concepts like culture. Bukh Global believes that marriage is a union, and it should be a happy one.

International Advocates Against Oppression

At Bukh Global, we have attorneys skilled in the field of international family laws as well as matrimonial laws. If you have been, or currently are being forced to marry against your will, consult one of our attorneys today. After hearing your dilemma, they will be able to help you in any way depending on your circumstances.

Remember, you’re a victim in a case of forced marriage, and there isn’t any judgment. Our international attorneys can offer you counseling, in case you want to stay in the marriage or they can help you find a way out.

We’re advocates for Human Rights. Come and visit us today and let us help you.

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