Getting Married Internationally? Have You Considered a Prenuptial Agreement?

Getting married is a big deal in every country, and in every culture. It’s a coming together of not only two people who’re in love with each other, but also of two families and also their friends. Weddings are planned, dresses are decided upon. It’s a beautiful affair to remember. When you’re marrying someone, it’s a bit of a difficult adjustment as is. But if you’re getting married to someone from a different country; it’s a completely different ball game.

Maybe you met over the internet or an airport and became friends and now you’ve decided to spend the rest of your lives together. Bukh Global Partners understands that when something is meant to be, it will happen. However, we think that getting a prenuptial agreement signed before marriage saves you from lots of troubles later.

What are Prenuptial Agreements?

Prenuptial agreements are also known as binding financial agreements. For two independent people getting married, it helps to set certain boundaries. These agreements include what happens concerning assets like money and property, in case of divorce, infidelity and any other occurrence in the marriage. The content can vary widely, but the baseline is the same. It gives you an agreement that you can adhere to incase the marriage breaks up.

State laws in some countries such as Belgium and Netherlands use prenuptial agreements not only in the event of a divorce, but also for the protection of some assets and property during the marriage, like in case of bankruptcy. Also, many European countries like Italy, France and Germany also have matrimonial regimes in addition to prenuptial agreements. So if you’re marrying into a different country, you need to know their laws.

We are ready to help wherever you are!

This is where we can be proved to be your reliable legal advisor. At Bukh Global Partners, our international family law panel has some of the most skilled and experienced lawyers. We can help you make a prenuptial agreement that suits both you and your future spouse. It is necessary to make sure your marriage as well as your financial position as a couple and as individuals stays strong.

You may think that you don’t need a prenuptial agreement, and you might be right; but it wouldn’t do any harm to come consult one of our attorneys and see what they have to say. Remember, marriage is a big step towards your further life, and we can help to make sure you have even footing.

Come to Bukh Global today and let us help you and your future spouse into a happy and secure marriage.


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