Are You Spending Your Life as an Abandoned Spouse?

Being abandoned by the person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with is a pretty hard blow. It can cause you to question many things once you took for granted. It can also cause cracks in your previously perfect life. Bukh Global know this truth that it’s very hard to lead your life with unanswered questions. We can help you obtain closure on the abandonment and move on with your life as a strong individual.

Abandonment by a spouse is very hard to understand, especially when they walk out on you and your family without any understandable reason. We generally define abandonment as when an individual severs all ties and fails to provide financial or any other kind of support which is the right of the other person.

Sometimes, a legal family relationship with the other person comes to an end. The other person may be a spouse or a child. In this case the other person has the rights to pursue the divorce or annulment.

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Your Rights as an Abandoned Spouse

Though your spouse may have left you, there are still some rights you have as long as you have a legal relationship to this person. One of the most important rights you have is the potential eligibility for financial support. You deserve financial support as a spouse as well as child support in case you have children.

You may have the right to ownership of property after sufficient time has passed. You also have the right to get a divorce. Usually, abandonment is enough grounds for a divorce in most states. At Bukh Global, we can help you get a legal advice in accordance with your circumstances.

Bukh Global has a panel of some of the top marital attorneys and top family law consultants. If you think you’ve been abandoned without any probable cause and need assistance in getting your rights, you can contact us today for the consultation. Our attorneys will help you get the answers and will advise you in what to do to secure your future.

You’re not alone. We, at Bukh Global, stand right by your side!

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