The Republic of Moldova – The Gateway to the Baltics

If you are on the hunt for the perfect country to establish your European base of operation, the Republic of Moldova should be at the top of your list.

This economic citizenship program offers enviable benefits, including access to 122 global destinations with no visa needed, competitive tax rates, and a centralized location that will be perfect for launching the next phase of your business. You’ll also find plenty of opportunities in real estate, technology, and the country’s world-famous wine region. For those interested in settling in a modern European country with a growing economy, Moldova is a great place to choose for economic citizenship.

Why Moldova? Economic Opportunity Awaits

One of the main benefits of Moldova’s citizenship by investment program is the access it affords to European, Middle Eastern, and Asian destinations. With your Moldovian citizenship, you’ll be able to travel to Russia, Turkey, or Saudi Arabia on the fly, without needing to pay for round-the-world airfare. Access to the Schengen region is also included with your passport as well.

Another benefit of Moldovan citizenship is their competitive tax regulations, which not only offer some of the lowest rates in Eastern Europe but are also overseen by a well-oiled machine to ensure that no citizen is taxed twice. This tax scheme has been very successful in helping to grow this small country’s economy and expanding opportunities in the region.

Of the well-established markets in Moldova, technology is on the rise. When the economic citizenship program began in 2018, it was projected that this would spearhead technological advances as well as fuel the technology industry. And since then, the Republic of Moldova has seen fantastic results, becoming ranked by the Global Location Trends index as the number one “emerging investment destination”.

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If you have a love for wine, Moldova will not disappoint. Their world-famous wineries and vineyards are a staple industry in the region, producing some of the best white and red wines in Europe for thousands of years. Those who enjoy the sweeter things in life will love stopping by the wineries for an all-day wine tasting.

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There are plenty more opportunities awaiting you in Moldova–you just have to find them. Contact us today to begin your economic citizenship process and we will guide you through every step so that you will be free to go about your business and focus on what’s important in life. Don’t let yourself be bogged down by the nuances and legal intricacies of gaining a new citizenship, and instead hire legal experts who have been down this road many times before and who are familiar with this territory. Let Bukh Global plan your new life, hassle-free.

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