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  • The 2007 Human Rights Council elections took place yesterday (the full votes are here). Human Rights Watch discusses the UN General Assembly’s rejection of Belarus for a seat on the Human Rights Council and hopes that this could be a starting point for more competitive elections to the Council. It has always been interesting how the composition of…

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    With the recent finding in Britain of turkeys infected with the bird flu,Russia and Japan have put in place bans on British poultry. This raises an interesting issue at the intersection of international health law and international trade. When do countries violate international trade regimes by banning products from other countries? Should it matter if…

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    The Erika case regarding the 1999 oil disaster in Brittany started today in France and promises to provide a lot of insight not only into French and EU law, but also into the modern IL views on the environment and the oil industry. Here is a preview, along with the Le Monde description of the…

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    This is somewhat rehashing old news, but I recently received a form letter from Dean Kagan outlining some of the changes to the 1L Curriculum at HLS, which includes, inter alia, a requirement of one of Public International Law, International Economic Law, or Comparative Law. A press release on the October vote is here. All…

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