New York White Collar Crime Lawyer Arkady Bukh Explains Charges and Penalties in the USA

With the rapid evolution of technology and the subsequent cybercrimes that come with it, the whole idea of international white-collar crime has led to significant changes in the laws passed by Congress and prosecution tactics at the United States Department of Justice.

This is even more evident with the rise of cyber currency and its implementation in world economic transactions. Seemingly, with the click of a button millions of dollars and assets can be traded, stolen or made to disappear.

White-collar crime that encompasses international businesses are covered under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). This law was passed with the idea of reigning in the rampant fraud occurring in the world financial markets.

If you’ve been accused or charged with an international white-collar crime then this requires the most skilled, and demanding type of lawyer in the whole world. Attorneys at Bukh Global have decades of experience in international white-color crime such as credit card fraud, cybercurrency crimes, money laundering, tax evasion, bank fraud, and other financially related crimes.

We are a full-service law firm offering a wide range of legal solutions to defend our clients against any of the charges related to white-collar crimes whether in America or across the globe.

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What is White-Collar Crime According to US Laws?

White-collar crime refers to certain crimes that are intended to produce financial gain using some form of deception. These crimes are treated differently than violent crimes by the courts and departments of justice because no one is physically harmed. However, many penalties are harsh for the mental and emotional anguish thrust upon the victims who sometimes have their life savings wiped out.

Usually, these types of crime are situational or opportunistic, but mostly they require lengthy planning and dedicated execution. Many innocent people get caught unaware of white-collar schemes.

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Are You Accused of a White-Collar Crime in the United States?

If you are accused for any type of white-collar crime you must act immediately to defend yourself in a court of law. You should only hire an expert white-collar criminal lawyer able to understand the complications of the issue and is capable of going head to head with a United States Department of Justice lawyer.

At Bukh Global our lawyers have the necessary expertise and experience to identify the facts and issues that pertain to the prosecution’s case. We will provide you the best possible defense served by a team of professional and highly experienced international criminal lawyers who have a world-wide reputation established through numerous verdicts in our clients’ favor.

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