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    America has a well-known motto that explains how no politician is above the law, and it seems that the Justice Department applies that mindset to international politicians as well. According to recent reports, the ex-minister of Mozambique is currently wanted and set to get extradited to the U.S. over a $2 billion fraudulent loan scheme.

    Reports suggest that the former minister, Manuel Chang, looted hundreds of millions of dollars from loans that his administration approved in 2013 for various maritime projects. These projects included building a state-funded tuna fishing fleet. Since most of the money was ultimately laundered, the lack of a solid fishing fleet directly contributed to the devastation of Mozambique’s economy. It also directly caused the country to default on its sovereign debt.

    In all, it’s suspected that at least $500mm was embezzled. As a result of all the fraudulent dealings, the country allegedly lost a total of $11bn. That equates to the nation’s entire GDP (gross domestic product) for that year.

    Five years ago, Chang was arrested on U.S. fraud charges, but he has been able to avoid extradition so far. In May of 2023, he was officially set to get extradited despite numerous attempts to appeal that decision.

    According to Chang, he has never done anything wrong. He’s also already enlisted the help of attorneys in the U.S. who are strategizing a defense strategy. They’ve already claimed that they will seek to dismiss the case because it has taken too long to come to trial.

    International Charges, Extradition, and International Representation

    Loan fraud is a crime in almost every country. In order to face extradition, the alleged behavior must be defined as a crime in both countries. Since fraud is considered a criminal offense in both the U.S. and Mozambique, it makes sense that the courts ultimately approved the decision to extradite Chang to the U.S. to face the allegations against him.

    Extradition is the formal process of one nation officially requesting another nation’s government to arrest a person of interest and surrender them to their country to face criminal charges.

    If you’re facing similar calls for extradition from a foreign nation, then it’s important for you to understand whether the alleged charges against you are considered criminal offenses in both nations. In almost every circumstance, it makes the most sense to hire a quality international lawyer who can help you better understand your legal rights and options in both countries.

    Here at Bukh Global, our lawyers have extensive experience representing clients who are facing charges in various countries across the globe. We know how to handle various financial charges like money laundering, white collar crimes, global tax fraud, corporate financial crime, and cybercrimes. We can help you navigate the complexities of your situation, appeal any extradition requests, and help defend you against your charges.

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