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  • An international rape case has become a public spectacle after the accused suspect has attempted various different wild schemes to evade the consequences of his actions. From faking his own death to showing up to court in an oxygen mask, no lie has been too big to tell. Despite his attempts to skirt justice, a Scottish court has finally made the ruling that the suspect will get extradited to the US.

    The suspect, 35-year-old Nicholas Rossi, is facing multiple charges in the US, including at least one count of rape in Utah dating back to 2008. Rossi has also been accused of several domestic violence crimes in Rhode Island.

    Back when Rossi’s crimes were getting exposed here in the States, he faked his own death and proceeded to flee overseas. An Interpol Red Notice was issued to help capture the suspect, but he was clearly using various aliases throughout the years. It wasn’t until years later that he reemerged in Glasgow that US authorities were able to catch up with him.

    Since 2022, Rossi has been held in an Edinburgh prison and fighting every extradition attempt. Extradition simply means being transported to another country in police custody to face criminal charges in that country.

    At first, Rossi’s defense team argued that the charges were being brought against him, but they were a case of mistaken identity. In fact, Rossi claimed that he was actually an Irish orphan named Arthur Knight. When this defense strategy fell though, Rossi began attempting to convince court workers that he was very physically ill. At one court hearing, he showed up in a wheelchair wearing an oxygen mask. He also attempted to virtually convince the court that he wasn’t physically well enough to attend court in person.

    Despite all these claims, Rossi was being seen by a doctor at the Edinburgh prison. The doctor told courts that there were “no major concerns” about Rossi’s health.

    Once this defense fell through, Rossi attempted to say that the extradition to the U.S. would serve as a “breach” of his human rights. A public prosecutor quickly dismissed this argument, claiming that there was no evidence to support such a claim.

    Ultimately, the courts ruled that Rossi will be extradited to the US.

    Is It Ever Possible to Avoid Extradition?

    Clearly, Rossi did not have a solid defense strategy to fight off the extradition requests from the US government. Every argument that he attempted to present was found to be false. Not only that, but most of his defense arguments were completely outlandish!

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