Applying for Residence Visas Internationally

When making the decision to relocate to a new country, the first step is to get a visa for travel to that nation. The application for a visa needs some thought and some questions answered. Will you be applying for a immigration visa or non-immigration visa?

Types of Residence Visas

Residence visas comes in two types, permanent and temporary. A permanent visa, also called an immigration visa, allows a person to settle in a country on a permanent basis. It also is the first step on the path to eventual citizenship. The attorneys at Bukh Global Partners assist individuals and families each year in applying for visas to over 100 countries.

A temporary visa (also known as non-immigration visa) will allow a person to live in a foreign country for a prescribed number of months/ years before the visa expires. Although a visiting visa is an option, that will not allow you to eventually take up permanent status. Bukh Global Partners have years of experience in working with citizens in over 100 countries and can help in the application process.

To qualify for a residence visa, the first step is to obtain the forms. Bukh Global Partners can aid in obtaining the applications, completing the forms and having them send to the consulate in your country. Then the waiting, while your paperwork is processed, will begin. When the forms are processed you will be called for an interview. Attorneys at Bukh Global Partners can help you prepare for the interview process, provide you with sample questions you may be asked and assist with answers.

Once the interview process is completed, Bukh Global can assist with everything related to settling into your new country of choice.

Bukh Global Partners is ready to help ensure your transition is as easy — and hassle free — as possible.

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