What You Need To Know About Investor & Business Visas

If you’re a businessperson and are planning to go to another country as an entrepreneur and either open up your own business or invest in a residing one, we can help you. At Bukh Global, our panel of lawyers that deals with International Visas is excellent at what they do. They can help you through all the steps of obtaining the visas.

Why You Need an Investor Visa

Investor visas are usually needed when you’re planning to go to another country and invest your money in a business already residing there. The decision to invest your money in a foreign business in a foreign land is a big one, and you should think about all the pros and cons before you make the decision.

Once you’ve decided that you are going to invest, you need to set up an amount. To be able to obtain most investor visas, you must be willing to invest a certain amount of money into the business. This amount makes you eligible for the visa. Our attorneys at Bukh Global Partners can help you decide if this is what you want and offer you a variety of services.

Our Services

Of the many residence planning services we provide at Bukh Global, Investor and Business Visas have a considerable share. Our highly skilled and up to date attorneys can help you in a variety of ways, starting with the consultation and the initial applications. We also help with extensions in the applications, filling up of forms, appeals against negative decisions made by the other country.

Why Choose Bukh Global Partners

Choosing Bukh Global while you’re handling your Investor Visas is a very smart choice. At Bukh Global Partners, we put our client first and we aren’t afraid to go that extra mile to help them. Our attorney panel consists of some of the most well-known lawyers in the country and we’re available at all hours of the day. Over the years, Bukh Global Partners has built its repute with not only high profile cases, but also through its social and ethical values.

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If you need our assistance, don’t hold back. You can call us at any of the designated times one of our given phone numbers and we will set up a time and place for a meeting. Or, if you’re in the neighborhood, come by one of our offices and we’ll consult on your case. We look forward to working with you.

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