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  • A New York judge has ruled that Apple should pay $450 million over eBooks price-fixing. The amount is to be paid to 20 million consumers. An additional $50 million is to be paid to lawyers involved in the case. Last year, a court had found that Apple had behaved anti-competitively when it joined forces with…

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    Many of us in the legal reform community often become so focused on the actual dollar cost of our out-of-control litigation system we often lose sight of the broader picture of how our lawsuit-happy culture diminishes freedom and undermines the can-do spirit that made America great. While the tremendous costs of litigation are real and…

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    Loretta Lynch has been nominated for the position of the new U.S. Attorney General to replace Eric Holder. If selected, Lynch would be the first black woman to be the USAG and the second black person and second woman to hold the post. She is currently the US Attorney for New York’s eastern district including…

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    The US has issued a product recall and Canada an advisory regarding the Amby Baby Motion Bed after the deaths of two infants in the US.The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall on Tuesday of almost 24,000 Amby Baby Motion Beds, made by Amby Baby U.S.A. of Minneapolis. Our international litigation lawyers…

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