International Family Law is a practice of law that pertains to families that live in different places around the world. The families travel, live in different countries and maintain connections in different places all over the globe. International family lawyers focus on the welfare of families especially the care and the rights of children. Children are known to be the most vulnerable when it comes to crimes involving international family law. Protecting them in all aspects is the goal of every international family law specialist.

Bukh Global Partners has an experienced team of lawyers and specialists that only has one goal in mind and that is to help children in the midst of international family law crimes. The team’s commitment to serve victims across the country makes them the best in the industry. They have experience in helping children during the following situations:

  • Separation and Divorce – In any case of separation or divorce, a child becomes an innocent victim of the situation. The child may be relocated, may quit school and may even suffer from hard times when financial troubles affect the family as a result of separation.
  • Financial Problems – Family financial troubles could place a strain on the relationship of the members of the family and the child again becomes the victim. Financial troubles could result in an uncomfortable situation for the child; as it may lack nutritional, medical and other basic needs.
  • Child AbductionChild abduction may be done by a parent to be able to run away from a result of a custody hearing. A child may be taken to another state or the child may be abducted to an international destination by the parent. US laws may not be supported in all countries and therefore an efficient law firm that understands International Family Laws like Bukh Global Partners should be asked for help.

Bukh Global will help you settle any dispute that pertains to the violation of the International Family Law and provide professional consultations regarding matters that pertain to the rights of the child.

If you need immediate help then do not hesitate to call us at any time.