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International child support is a priority issue in the United States as well as in countries that support US laws. It is the enforcement of the support and care for a child which should be practiced by families within the country. It also involves enforcement of child support agreements in an international child support case.

The Office of Child Support Enforcement is the authority in the US for issues regarding international child support. The OCSE helps to provide solutions to states and counties where there are families that face international child support cases. The OSCE provides immediate solutions to these cases by partnering with 26 FRCs or foreign reciprocating countries and provinces. The body also works under the initiative of the International Hague Treaty for Child Support.

Child Support Cases Which are Common

Sadly even when there are laws and treaties that aim to improve the provision of international child support, there are still cases that are not resolved on time. Most child support cases that continue to struggle only hurt the children in many ways. Children may become deprived of medical, nutritional and educational needs because of the lack of financial support. Parents single-handedly caring for their children may turn to more aggressive means of asking for support. These may only negatively impact their children all the more.

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Another problem is parents leaving or escaping child support. Only an expert legal team will be able to find the ideal solution and extensively help families seek support even when the respondent is out of the state or the country.

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Handling child support and international child support is what Bukh Global does at its best. We have a team of legal experts and professionals that only have one thing in mind and that is to uphold child support rulings as legally proclaimed by the law. Whether the child support case is within the United States or it is subject to International Child Support laws, Bukh Global can help find the best solution and act on child support cases quickly.

There is no time to spare when it comes to child support and parents should never overlook getting help with their support cases especially international child support cases at once. Since Bukh Global Partners totally understands your plight; we are in the best position to judge your unique situation and offer advice that’s aimed at making your life easier under the circumstances.

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