What is International Family Law in the Eyes of a U.S. Lawyer?

International Family Law is the area of law that applies to families that live and or marry in different jurisdictions around the world including the United States.Since different laws and policies exists in this domain numerous conflicts arise when it comes to marriage, divorce, domestic violence, adoption, and child custody events.

Bukh Global American family lawyers focus specifically on the welfare and rights and responsibilities of families–especially the care and the rights of children. Children are the most vulnerable when it involves international family law. Protecting them is the primary goal of all our international family law specialists.

What Does International Family Law Cover?

Bukh Global has an experienced team of lawyers and specialists with only one goal in mind: to help children and their primary care-giver[s] in the midst of international family law conflicts. Our team’s commitment to serve you and your child across the U.S. and international boundaries makes us the best in the industry.

We have decades of experience in helping children and their care-givers during the most traumatic situations like separation and divorce. In any case of separation or divorce, a child may be relocated away from friends and family, may have to quit school and may even suffer from hard times as financial difficulties affect the family as a result of the separation.

Another traumatic situation that may arise is child abduction. Child abduction may be done by a parent who has lost custody as a result of an adverse custody hearing. The child may be taken to another state or to an international destination. This is a serious crime.

However, United States laws or treaties may not be supported in all countries. These are known as “Non-Hague Convention Nations.” For example, under Chinese law, there are no legal provisions specifically addressing international parental child abduction or legal assistance available for those involved. There are numerous other countries that mirror China.

Therefore, it is necessary you hire an efficient law firm that understands international family law like Bukh Global Partners if you are having international family law issues.

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What about Parental Rights?

One of the most challenging custody clashes involves one parent’s choice to illegally remove a child from their home nation, or refuse to return the child from a foreign country after visiting there. In these types of cases, the parent that’s suffering the loss of the child may be able to invoke the protections of the Hague Convention in order to get relief from these traumatic circumstances.

In 1980, the United States wrote into law the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (also called the “Hague Convention”). This international treaty was in response to the out-of-control problem of international child abduction and later, was amended to contain wayward adoptions.

The Convention’s overall intention is to deter international child abduction and illegal adoptions and allow for a legal process for the quick return of abducted children back to their home countries, where the local courts can resolve custody issues based on their facts.

Bukh Global Partners are experts on the Hague Convention and will help you settle any dispute that pertains to the violation of the International and American Family Law.

We provide professional consultations that will give you the information you need to make a qualified and intelligent choice regarding your parental rights and those of your children whether biological or adopted.

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