Accused of Tax Fraud in the US? Arkady Bukh Explains the Legal Consequences

Unfortunately, global tax evasion and tax fraud have become very easy in the digital world where companies and organizations have gone multinational, with branches all over the world and especially in the use of cryptocurrencies. The IRS and SEC have aggressively prosecuted taxpayers that purposely do not report their crypto trades and businesses that fail to register their tokens as securities.

If you are an international corporation, or an employee of one, and have been accused of international tax fraud then you need to contact us immediately to protect your rights.

We understand the intricacies of the differences between tax fraud and legal tax evasion. Tax fraud cases can be a very difficult and life-changing experience, not to mention time-consuming. At Bukh Global, we have attorneys and lawyers with decades of experience in handling matters of international taxation with positive outcomes. Let us help you resolve your case.

What is Global Tax Fraud?

Global tax fraud is a crime no matter where you live. Whenever and however you avoid paying taxes due in another country, this is considered global tax fraud or evasion. Tax havens collectively cost governments between $500 billion and $600 billion a year in lost corporate tax revenue.

The fines and punishment in the United States can be severe. The IRS has even created the Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement which is a multination policing unit dedicated to finding and prosecuting individuals they feel are committing fraud.

Bukh Global is proud to have a team of leading attorneys who are specialized in international taxation. We have the benefit of very professional and experienced lawyers who are there for you from the moment your case starts until there is an outcome in your favor. Tax fraud is a serious concern. It can jeopardize your entire life and ruin your company.

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Arkady Bukh and his team have a long track record of representing international clients in American courts. Contact us for an assessment of your case.

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If you feel that you might be under the risk of tax fraud charges or if you are confused about the criminal laws, then contact us today. Our expert American IRS fraud lawyers will make a quick legal assessment while taking into account all the facts.

What if I Suspect My Employer of Tax Fraud on American soil?

If you suspect your company may be involved in international tax fraud, BGP will protect your rights as a Whistleblower if you desire to report the issue. In 1989 Congress passed the Whistle Blower Protection Act into law to protect Federal employees who report fraud, waste, and abuse from retaliatory action. See 5 U.S.C. § 2302(b)(8). This has since carried over into private entities as well.

If you are unaware of international taxation laws and are desiring to report the international tax fraud on your own, then you are most likely going to face negative consequences that may not stop at being fired. Therefore, hiring an experienced attorney will certainly be a wise decision.

At Bukh Global we have top-notch whistleblower attorneys who are dedicated to helping upright citizens doing their civic duty. Call us today for a consultation.

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