What Is Probate and Estate Law in the United States?

Probate and estate laws deal with issues regarding the division of assets of a deceased person between the legal heirs. Probate and estate disputes are messy and often result in fights between relatives and can lead to real conflict if they are not ironed out in advance.

Bukh Global has experienced handling probate and estate disputes internationally with finesse to make sure that no one goes home unhappy. Our team has expertise in both international and US-based probate and estate law, ensuring that your family and assets will be taken care of after your death.

Will You, Won’t You?

If you’ve been lucky in life, and are the owner of a large amount of tangible and intangible property, as well as other assets of financial nature, you should probably also invest in a good international lawyer who can help you make a will. A will is a legal document that is written and signed by a person in the presence of witnesses and lawyers that specifies how the beneficiaries should distribute the property after the death of the person who made the will.

Making a will may seem a bit morbid to you, but if you own a large amount of financial assets, you should be sure that later, there will certainly be disputes over them. Making a will helps in many ways, to avoid disputes between family, to make sure that all your heirs benefit and it also helps to safeguard your wealth.

If you live in the United States and have family members in different states, for instance, it’s important to iron out the details of what type of inheritance you will leave for them with an eye towards US law.

Bukh Global understands your dilemma and our panel of expert estate attorneys can help you in making a will. You can consult with one of our skilled lawyers on everything from heirs to property to distribution to trust funds. At Bukh Global Partners we comprehend that making a will is a very hard step to take, but it is the right step and it’s always beneficial in the long run in order to protect your family in the future.

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What Is International Probate Law

Probate law is basically concerned with distributing the assets contained within a will. The entire probate process is long and involved, and typically involves credit checks, appointing an executor, paying off the deceased’s taxes, and finally distributing the estate.

Probate disputes typically deal with contesting a will. What this means is, if you have any issues regarding the will of a deceased family member then you have the right to contest it in the courts, provided that you’re contesting under some specific reasons. Some of these include: some heirs not getting an inventory of the property, or a claim of undue influence when the will was being made or the other heir happens to be enjoying all the benefits.

If you think you’ve been unlawfully wronged and want to claim your rights, our team of experienced probate lawyers at Bukh Global Partners is ready to help. We will help you build a strong case and contest the will, given that there’s a just cause for doing so and you know of all the repercussions.

Probate Law In the United States

Probate law in the United States will vary from state to state, but generally this process involves a detailed financial overview of the deceased, from checking credit reports to ensure that the information in the will is correct, to distributing the final contents of that will.

The executor is the person who is charged with distributing the estate and they may retain that title for long afterwards should there be more financial gains to hand out. If you are having issues with probate law in the United States and would like to contest a will, please contact us ASAP.

Some Things to Remember

If you’re going to file a case to contest the will of a deceased relative or loved one, you must come to us within the time limit prescribed by the state. We cannot help you if the time limit has passed as the courts won’t accept the case. Also, before you take any major step, remember that probate and estate disputes relating to wills are between family members. Cases like these can shake the very foundations of the family and create rivalries. However, when all other ways of solving the problem are useless, it becomes inevitable that conflict may arise over probate law.

At Bukh Global, we promise to always stand by you, and help you to the best of our abilities.

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