Cross-Border Enforcement

The United States has borders with Canada in the northern region and Mexico in the southern region. Border enforcement policies and laws are in place with the intent to protect the United States against illegal entries across its borders and the possible unsafe activities that might be a result.

Cross-border enforcement is supposed to ensure that convicted criminals, terrorists and other bad elements do not enter the United States. However, many innocent persons get caught up in the process and need help in protecting their rights

How Enforcement is Done

The organization tasked with the purpose of protecting American borders is ICE or Immigration and Customs Enforcement which uses of state-of-the-art technology such as drones and motion sensors, plus old fashion techniques such as patrolling on horseback in its border enforcement.

The truth is, ICE has become more efficient under the current administration and arrests are up. The moment a border crosser is arrested all their information is entered into data making it all but impossible to try and reenter in the future.

The Connection of Cross Border Enforcement with International Family Laws

The two biggest concerns in the enforcement of international family laws are when international child abduction and international custody issues occur. When a parent takes their child or children from their home in the United States to escape its borders into another country the effects on the child and spouse can be devastating.

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Children are the silent victims of these crimes and the only way they can be saved is to act fast. If you or someone you know is experiencing an abduction or custody issue call us today to get you on the path towards reunification.

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What if Criminals Escape the US Border?

The United States has specific laws and treaties with various nations that mandate what these countries are supposed to do to protect the rights and the safety of the child and parent seeking reunification. Close collaboration with American authorities is ensured while international family laws are maintained.

With the help of the most experienced lawyers at Bukh Global, cross-border enforcement authorities may help find violators of international family laws and make them answerable for their crimes. Helping families that are victims of international crimes is what Bukh Global Partners have the highest expertise in.

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