Helping You in Litigation Matters, Across the Globe 

Being involved in a legal issue overseas, whether it’s a divorce, a custody battle, a lawsuit or a business dispute, can be a long, messy and harrowing experience. Things like language barriers, geographical boundaries and different legal systems can come in the way and make matters longer. Unless you have an expert attorney assisting you in these matters, the issue can keep getting bigger.

Bukh Global can help you in international disputes, no matter of what kind. Our attorneys are skilled in the field of International Dispute Settlement and Litigation. We provide you with the best litigation services we have to offer. With our panel of International Law attorneys, who are experts in fields like Dispute Settlement, International Family Law and so forth, you can rest assured that you’re in the best hands.

Our Clientele 

When we realized that many of our clients need international litigation services from all around the world, we decided to start an international litigation branch that dealt specifically with matters relating to International Litigation. We employed only the best lawyers in the field to give our clients the Bukh Global experience.

Over the years, we’ve represented many people in international cases and had excellent results. We’ve represented people in all sorts of fields, such as financial institutions, real estate developers, trade companies, engineering & energy firms, importers and exporters, manufacturers and insurance firms are among others. Our corporate clients are from all fields and have never had a complaint.

Apart from our corporate clients, we also handle personal matters, from marital issues to probate law. Our expert attorneys in International Family Law have your back when you’re going into a custody battle or a divorce overseas. Also, our Probate Lawyers have excellent skills when helping you contest a will overseas.

We Can Help

Legal matters in your own state or your own country can be a difficult procedure, and at Bukh Global Partners, we know what it’s like when you’re trying to handle a legal matter across borders. It’s hard on you and your loved ones. However, now you have us. At Bukh Global, we put your needs first and try to help you through these tough times. We’re with you, across every border.

Lets do this together!

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