Worried about Your Rights as a Single Parent?

It has become much more important to know what legal rights and responsibilities you have as a parent. This becomes even more important when parents break the bond of marriage. The mother has automatic parental responsibility, but the father, who usually moves away, has to find a way to be involved in his child’s life.

Parental Responsibility basically means the rights that parents have over their children and the responsibilities they have towards them. It usually lasts till the child reaches the age of 18. These include choices and duties regarding education, religion, medical treatment, and age of consent. At Bukh Global Partners, we can help you better understand what rights you have, as a married couple or as a separate parent.

Parental Responsibility for a Single Father

Usually, after separation, the custody is granted to the mother, who also has parental responsibility from birth. This does not mean that the father has been relinquished from his duties as a parent. Even though the father doesn’t acquire parental responsibility directly, he can still take some steps to acquire it.

  • Talking to the mother directly
  • Discussing the terms with the child’s mother through a lawyer

This is where our role begins. Bukh Global helps single parents understand and exercise their legal rights over their children. Many people are not well aware of what their legal rights are as parents. But we can educate you to understand what you can and cannot do. Our expert lawyers will guide you about your duties and will teach you how to deal with any problem on the way.

We at Bukh Global Partners, help you maintain that special bond that you always had with your child and overcome all legal obstacles. So if you feel you are not as involved as you should be in your child’s life, then stop worrying and get in touch with us.

Have us offload all of your worries regarding your parental responsibilities!

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