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Entering the international market, any firm faces a host of critical and serious issues, from the development of an international contract for its foreign partners to the implementation of customs clearance of export and import operations or international cargo transport.

In the above and a number of other areas of activity, each nuance requires extremely thorough and professional legal consideration, scrupulous preparation of relevant documentation. Only then will the work of the company not be contrary to the law of the countries in which it will be carried out.

Corporate contracts are the basis of cooperation between large international companies and small and medium-sized businesses from different countries. An important feature is the need to bring the contents of the agreement in accordance with the provisions of national and international law, as well as the legislation of the foreign state in which the company operates.

Please note that when developing corporate contracts it is important to take into account the wishes of all parties at once. Otherwise, the process of agreeing on the provisions of the document may take a long time.

In order to ensure that one’s rights and interests are protected, it is important to carefully work out all possible legal nuances in the agreement. Professional assistance of qualified lawyers in addition to solving the above problem provides an opportunity to avoid undesirable conflicts with counterparties, and will be the key to the creation of strong and trusting partnerships.
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  • USA v. Vaulin
  • USA v. Shurigina

Help in drawing up and examining international corporate contracts

Experienced lawyers of the law firm “Bukh Global” in addition to the development of corporate contracts provide a full range of services for high-quality legal support for the conclusion of such agreements, including contracts with assets of corporate clients. In addition, we support the conclusion and implementation of a variety of trade, as well as foreign economic agreements and contracts.

Please note that by organizing the support of international corporate contracts, lawyers of our law firm will necessarily warn you about the potential consequences of violation of the provisions of this document and provide useful recommendations.

Moreover, an experienced and qualified corporate lawyer, if necessary:

  • Will help competently and promptly make and register the necessary changes in the company’s founding documents;
  • Perform a thorough and comprehensive legal examination of the documents proposed for signing to the client;
    Having carefully studied and performed an analysis of the circumstances, will do everything possible to resolve the corporate dispute in pre-trial order, which will save time and money of the client;
  • Will represent the client’s interests in the judiciary and other bodies;
  • will accompany the executive proceedings and appeal against the actions of the performers if necessary.

Thanks to this, in the person of lawyers of the law firm “Buch Global” you will get a reliable corporate lawyer, who will become an important assistant for your company. We are always focused on building strong and trusting relationships within the framework of long-term cooperation. At the same time, if necessary, they are open to work on the preparation of specific documents.

Why we

We can say with full confidence that the competent maintenance of corporate contracts by specialists of the law firm “Bukh Global” will help to reduce efforts and costs in obtaining permits, which are required for the movement of goods, passage of customs control, determination of the tax base, currency transactions.

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